More than thirty years have passed since Larry Elmore’s SnarfQuest first graced the pages of Dragon Magazine back in 1983. in all that time, there has never been a book mighty enough to contain it all. Well no longer, friends! Behold the 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of SnarfQuest!!!


Digitally remastered, you have the opportunity to hold in your hands every single wacky, hilarious, heartwarming story to come out of this wonderful world from 1983 through 2013. Created by one of the most prestigious men to ever ruthlessly wield a paint-covered brush, and mateculously remastered from horribly pixilated scans from the darkages by Drake, this story never fails to capture the imagination. Follow an unlikely hero, Snarf, as he seeks his fortune and earns the right to become King. Standing in his path are evil mages, fire-breathing dragons, death leaches, bandits, devils, black knights, aliens, and one really pissed off rodent!

SnafQuest 30th Anniversary Remastered Hardback