Stories from EverQuest Next

While Sony eventually canceled this game (after three and a half years), I'm very proud of what I accomplished while writing for this IP. Below are a sampling of stories I wrote.

Each of these are complete short stories or novellas on their own (about a novel's worth of reading), but I picked them because they are all related to each other in an overarching story kind of way. They are wonderful reads all on their own, but more enjoyable if you read them in order. Bonus, they are a great representation of my writing style and talent.



Throughout the years I have been asked to write a short for one anthology or another. Below you will find a few that tickle my fancy in one way or another. Or, more honestly, these are ones that were already created as PDFs, so they were easy to upload to my website. I will try to find the time to add more as the days/months/years roll by.


Other Short Stories I've Done